Friday, 24 August 2012

Top Ten Favourite Words in the English Language

I read. A lot. Or at least I used to. Along my literary travels I have come across several words that have warmed my cockles immensely. I have subsequently incorporated them into my every day language, barely suppressing a gleeful giggle whenever I get to use them. Which isn't as often as I like. I hope you get as much use out of them as I do.

1. Usurp
I don't remember when I first learned this word but it is an absolute staple! I often like to accuse people of having usurped my position, which isn't (or is it?) as rude as it sounds.

2. Magnanimous
This one is best used in a condescending manner eg. How magnanimous of you!

3. Abominable
I don't believe in many mythical creatures but for the sake of being able to use this word as often as possible I enjoy telling people I believe in the Abominable Snowman.

4. Pithy
Has there ever been a word more enjoyable to pronounce? Can one possibly count the number of times one has been thought to possess a speech impediment when using this word in conversation??

5. Chuffed
Pronounciation in a Yorkshire accent will maximise enjoyment.

6. Amiable
This one definitely stems from my love of Jane Austen.

7. Maniacal
Never has there been a more apt description of my laugh.

8. Rotund
Synonymous with "big-boned" and "solid"; a winner when trying to describe your friend's fat kid* without being outwardly offensive.

9. Insipid
Although they have different meanings I love this equally with "vapid" because together they describe half the girls I went to highschool with. Meoooooowwwwww!

10. Phalange
I had to include a nerdy word and this is just about the rudest sounding innocent physiological word there is.

Words that narrowly missed the cut:
Cockles (is this even a real word?)
Zeitgeist (too German sounding to be English?)
Malificent (I know, I know- it's a noun but it's SO good!)

*For the record, none of my friends have rotund children.

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