Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: Aurora Spa Clarifying Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner

I received 50ml samples of Aurora Spa Rose Otto and Nettle Clarifying Shampoo and Burdock and Rose Revitalizing Conditioner (RRP $40 for 500ml) in this month's Bellabox. There seemed to be some sort of rose-scented theme going on with their "Go Green" box, which is unfortunate because I am not a fan of the flower OR the scent. But I don't like wasting free samples so I decided to try them out...

The Spiel (Shampoo): Gentle enough for every day use and devoid of sulphates, this shampoo is low-lather but will still leave your hair feeling squeaky clean! Let the absence of damaging chemical ingredients, like sulphates, and the presence of environmentally friendly, all natural, botanicals be your gateway to beautifully manageable, soft hair.

The Spiel (Conditioner): This high quality formulation includes a peach native only to Australia that provides a high gloss shine to your tresses. Burdock, lavender and wheat proteins provide lustre, growth and manageability for spa quality results that are brought to you by Australia's Premiere luxury spa chain: Aurora Spa.

The smell of the shampoo is quite strong, almost chemical-like. It contains all natural ingredients and the consistency is quite runny, the colour a cloudy greenish-yellow. My hair is quite long now so I poured what I thought to be a generous amount into my palm and tried to lather it through my hair. Alas! - no lather was there to be seen! I realise that a natural shampoo wouldn't contain SLS (the soapy stuff that makes shampoo and soaps froth up) but the lack of lather made it extremely difficult to spread through my hair. I think I probably needed to use all 50ml (this stuff costs $4/50ml) to be effective and that simply isn't cost-efficient.

The conditioner is VERY thick and also has a similar woody plant smell. Imagine traipsing through the woods of Middle-Earth and you'll understand what I mean. Again, I had trouble spreading it through my hair- there was no oiliness at all. I left it in for a few minutes and when I washed it out my hair felt dry and not at all moisturized. It was even harder to brush than usual!

I'm definitely not a fan of these products. I can see them being ok for people with very short hair but they just don't work for my long locks. The smell puts me off and I was disappointed with the conditioner because it didn't leave my hair soft or manageable. It's a shame that natural products don't seem to work for me.

What can I say? I'm a cheap shampoo girl all the way!

The Verdict: 2 out of 5 Ducks

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