Friday, 3 August 2012

Goats To Be Got

So... there are a few things I feel the need to rant about. In no particular order...

Three Things That Get My Goat:

1. Channel Nine Olympics Coverage
Last night I was watching the cycling. Anna Meares and Victoria Pendleton (two world champions in this event) had just started the Keirin heats. They had literally just left the starting blocks when the coverage was interrupted by some Channel Nine blonde telling the viewers that they had a really, really good excuse to stop MIDWAY during a race and we would find out after the ad break. Really. What was the fucking point of even SHOWING the start of the race??? As it turns out the really, REALLY important interruption was a live interview with Princes William and Harry. WHO GIVES A SHIT. And WHAT is with the random unqualified commentators? For the love of DOG why is James Brayshaw commentating the rowing? And what the HELL kind of sporting expertise does Karl Stefanovic have? When Grant Hackett isn't overturning grand pianos and punching walls he makes a good poolside commentator. Too bad the only effort Channel Nine put into it's Olympic's broadcast was in Australia's only best most important sport. You made me yearn for Bruce McAvaney's commentary, Channel Nine. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS.

2. Tightarse Buyers on eBay
For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of buying stuff on eBay, there are generally two kinds of sales. The first is an auction. The highest bid at the end of the auction period wins the item. The second is a fixed price sale. Fixed price literally means that the item is set at a FIXED PRICE. Why, then, do I have idiots constantly asking to buy a $20 item for $10??? Or asking if they can bypass an auction with a fixed amount??? UNTIGHTEN YOUR ARSE.

3. People Who Think LinkedIn is the New Facebook
LinkedIn is supposed to be a network for professional occupations. It is not a social network. It is most definitely NOT FB and a race to have the most "links". With the exception of a few family members everybody I am linked to on this network are scienticians. So when random plumbers, hairdressers and accountants try to link me I am understandably CONFUSED. There is NO CHANCE I will need to network with plumbers, hairdressers or accountants. I don't even know you SO STAY IN YOUR OWN FUCKING NETWORK.

This is my goat. Please refrain from getting him.

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