Monday, 6 August 2012

I Like Stuff. Do You Like Stuff? Let's Like Stuff Together!

I try not to plug my stuff too often because I know how annoying it can be to have someone shamelessly flogging their stuff in your face on social mediums (or is it media? - Me? Speak bad English? That's unpossible!). But I must share this stuff because it is purty and Josh is sick of our tiny apartment being turned into a warehouse. There are about 30 enormous shoe boxes clogging every spare bit of space so if not for ME, do it for HIM. And if you don't know HIM then do it for ME. Or just pass this on to anyone who might like STUFF. Click HERE for even MORE stuff!

New AND MARY Fashion Ring $12.50

50% off New ALANNAH HILL Cardi Size 12 $99

50% off New ALANNAH HILL Silk Lined Skirt Sizes 10-12 $109

60% off New ALANNAH HILL Silk Lined Skirt Sizes 10-14 $105

50% off New ALANNAH HILL Silk Top Sizes 10-14 $105

60% off New MIRENESSE Lip Bomb Full Size $15

65% off New ASOS Rose Print Dress Size 10 $25

60% off New BARKINS Puff Shoulder Blazer Size 10 $29

65% off New ASOS Knit Dress Size 10-12 $39

70% off New MUCCI & ME Wrap Dress $39

75% off New BEC & LENI Ankle Boots $25

New MARILYN MONROE Orange Sunnies $10

New MARILYN MONROE Black Sunnies $10

New PLAYBOY Clear Sunnies $10

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