Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Здравствуйте! Рада тебя видеть

It has come to my attention that people actually read this blog. I am glad that my angry rants amuse people. But let us take a look at my audience statistics from the past month according to Blogger:


Australia 221
United States 89
Russia 54
Germany 14
United Kingdom 7
China 2
South Korea 1
Malaysia 1
New Zealand 1
Singapore 1

WTF? Russia? At least I know a person or two in Germany (Hi, Pickles!) and the US. I can only assume that these poor Russians are being redirected to this blog by computer viruses or spammy emails. So, in honour of my Eastern European friends, I say Здравствуйте! Рада тебя видеть (Hello! Nice to see you) and recommend the following spyware:


до свидания!

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