Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Do You Duck? I Do!

Anyone who has visited my house has asked the question "Why are there so many ducks in here?". Allow me to explain...

I don't remember when my obsession with ducks started. As a kid I had a Donald Duck canvas bag that I would take with me everywhere. Who doesn't like ducks? They quack, they paddle, they shake tuft, hang out in ponds and eat stale bread. RESPECT THE DUCK.

As an adult I started a harmless duck collection. It slowly grew, as did my obsession with all things duck-related. It's gotten to the point where all of my friends send me picture messages of ducks and some people even quack at me in greeting.

A quick walk through my house and you will be confronted by rubber ducks, wooden ducks, plush ducks, talking ducks and even disco ducks with flashing lights. I squeal with excitement whenever I'm out and about and spy a new duck. Embrace the duck love!

The male Mandarin duck. How could you not love this duck!?

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