Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review: Bellabox August

Wheeeeeeee! My second Bellabox!
Thanks to some handy parcel tracking I was able to stalk my box all the way to my door step, which was happily received by my greedy little hands (who am I kidding- my hands are freaking enormous). The items were packed into a sturdy recyclable cardboard box:

I will admit that it would be very hard to top last month's amazing box and I definitely wasn't excited when I opened it- possibly because of the bland colours- but like most good things (eg. Radiohead's Amnesiac) it grew on me and I am rather pleased with the contents of this box:

1. Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g RRP $29.95 for 225g
This is marketed as a conditioner for the body. Like, put it on in the shower and wash it off. Love the concept but I may be the only person in Melbourne who has never been impressed with Lush products (really, I thought they just made fancy soap- the kind that Homer eats) but I was willing to give this a go. Alas! The potent smell of rose is just too overpowering for my nose (good for rhyming, though). Oh well. I do hope that Ro gets back in the lab and makes a conditioner that is happy-scented for those who just can't handle the rose!

2. Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish in Lime and Ginger (or Lemon and Mint?) RRP $24.95
Now this is VERY cool. This is a completely EDIBLE nourishing lip tint. You know that old myth about women consuming ~2kg worth of lip product in their lifetimes? TRUE! The dark browny colour really freaked me out but it is very sheer and although I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what flavour it is (no product label, blocked nose) I shall keep it handy in my bag in case I get the munchies :P

3. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion 29ml RRP $12.95 for 350ml
I've received Aveeno samples before but frankly, I find sachets pretty annoying to use... fortunately this is a decent sample in a cute wee bottle. Perfect for the next time J and I go on a road trip!

4. EmerginC Kombucha Cleanser and Phytocell Cream 3ml RRP $44.00 for 120ml & $105 for 50ml
Second pun of the box! As a scientist I've never been impressed with the silly biological jargon used in beauty product advertisements but the tiny bottles are super cute and all will be forgiven if these products do their job.

5. Aurora Spa Rituals Clarifying Shampoo and Revitalising Conditioner 50ml RRP $40 for 500ml
Love the bottles and woah! at the price tag but another little gem for the travel bag.

6. Phytocare Daily C Vitamin C Powders Sachet x2 RRP $17.80 for 30 Sachets
A very clever inclusion! They contain 1000mg of vitamin C and came just in time for my bronchitis :)

All in all, a very solid August box. There have been some complaints about some people getting more or less dollar value in their boxes but as we only pay $15/month I'm pretty chuffed :)

The Verdict: 3 out of 5 Ducks

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