Thursday, 9 August 2012

Random eBay Rant

I super excited last week to have purchased a brand new Stella McCartney silk top from eBay for a mere $10. Less thrilled to find it in my mailbox this afternoon in a shitty A4 PAPER ENVELOPE, soaked through to the equally crappy plastic sleeve- you know, those ones you use for school?

I would have been happier with the elephants.

Good for documents, shit for sending clothes.

To make matters worse, I paid $8 postage (it cost $1.20 to send) for the privilege of receiving a rain soaked item. The final kick in the nuts is the fact that this top is in fact TARGET brand (designed by Stella) which was NOT stated in the description!! Now, some of you will call me ridiculous for expecting an original Stella McCartney top for $10, which is fair enough, but stranger things have happened on eBay. I can't bitch too much about the top- it is silk and it did retail at $99 but to send clothing in a paper envelope in the middle of Melbourne winter is POOR AS FUCK.

Also, I hate sellers that refuse to leave you feedback until YOU leave THEM positive feedback. I paid 2 minutes after the auction ended but I'm afraid to leave negative or even neutral feedback in case this person retaliates and ruins my perfect 100% rating.


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