Friday, 27 July 2012

Shameless Plug Alert!

Exactly one month ago today I opened up an eBay store. I don't hold any grand expectations of leaving my *cough* career in science *cough* but it does allow me to indulge in my one great love: shopping. The Flight of the Conchords express the dangers of fashion in this song. I only WISH I could look that good.
Anyway, the store is a mish-mash of clothes (Alannah Hill, Lee, ASOS), shoes (Planet, I Love Billy), sunnies (Playboy, Marilyn Monroe), skincare (Mirenesse, Stila, Mor) and the odd designer piece or two (Sass & Bide, Scanlan & Theodore). If there's anything that takes your fancy, Mates Rates definitely apply. Please pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested :)

Alannah Hill Silk Skirt Size 12 $119

Alannah Hill Cardi Sizes 10-14 $109

Marilyn Monroe Sunnies $15

Marilyn Monroe Sunnies $15

Scanlan & Theodore Wool Skirt Size 12 $175

Vero Moda Dress Size 10 $19

Pure Hype Ruffle Dress Size 10 $19

Alannah Hill Leather Purse $29

Alannah Hill Silk Dress Size 10 $129

Alannah Hill Wool Cardi Dress Size 12 $185

Planet Leather Boots in Almond Sizes 6-9 $109

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