Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Adventures of Acne Cat!

A few months ago, Nikita developed these weird black poppy seed-like things on her chin. At first I thought they were fleas. Unmoving, no legs, perfectly round fleas. After typing "black dots on cat chin" into Google it turned out to be - dun dun dunnnnnnnnn - feline acne! Like most parents, I was worried about the psychological effect on Kitty's self esteem. Luckily, she doesn't seem to care too much for her appearance. Her main concern seems to be timing her daily trip to the loo to coincide with Josh brushing his teeth or having a shower. And by god, is she punctual. But I digress.

At the RSPCA vet clinic (yes, that's a plug- they do amazeballs* work there) I expressed concern to the lovely vet lady about Kitty's likelihood of licking off her ointment ($40 for 15mL of 'roid cream. Eeek). By my calculations that works out to be about $1 per lick. So she gave us an Elizabethan collar (read: plastic bucket) to prevent her from cleaning my hard earned cash off her chin. When we first adopted her (and when I say "we" I mean "I" - I have sole custody) she had surgery to remove her ladybits and had to wear a bucket for a week so she wouldn't rip out her stitches. She managed to do it anyway because despite (or in spite?) of her remarkably good looks she is - and I say this with a heavy heart - not too bright.

 Bucket #1

 Bucket #2

It was a bloody nightmare to get the bucket on her in the first place. It took the two of us- one to hold her down and one to wrestle the bucket on her head whilst simultaneously buckling the collar and securing the plastic thingy to itself. She weighs, like, 4 kg but she could have taken us both out with one swipe. But it was worth it because for the next two hours all we could hear were BAM! THUNK! KAPOW! (I went to see the new Batman movie the other day) as poor Kitty collided with the walls, doors and even the floor. She is, by far, the cutest, most retarded cat in the whole world :)

*I don't know where I learned this word but I like any made-up word with the suffix "balls".

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