Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Once Upon a Time...

Long, long ago in 5AP (Anno PhD) I started a blog. It wasn't a particularly interesting blog. It had, maybe, 15 avid readers (10 of whom were bullied into reading it by yours truly). But it did serve as a useful outlet for my moderate-severe anger issues and frequent outbursts during annus horribilis (Honours Year). Shortly thereafter, I migrated East. Then my buddy Jason introduced me to the greatest social-killer of all, Facebook, and I frequented my blog no more. Actually, I thought blogs were persona non grata in cyberspace. Tweeting and celebrity sex-tapes were all the rage! Although I didn't make one (of the latter), I did open a twitter account and have thus far made seven oh-so-prolific tweets in the past 2 years. I can't imagine that there is anyone on Twitter waiting on tenderhooks for my next one (due in 3 months, I think) so, here I am. Nobody to "like" or "follow" me*. A new, clean platform for me to bitch and ramble on about a few of my favourite things, namely; B-grade celebrity gossip, fuckwits who cannot grasp the concept of bidding on eBay, the adventures of Acne Cat (I'll explain later) and my all consuming need to own new shoes/clothes/random useless shit at every moment of every day. So read my stuff! Or don't! Just know that most posts are likely to offend a) B-grade celebrities; b) Fuckwits who cannot grasp the concept of bidding on eBay; and possibly even c) Acne Cat. I'm back! :)

*Shit. I just realised that you CAN get people to "follow" you. Since when are blogs a popularity contest!? :( I feel so inadequate. Please, please follow me (I learned how to grovel from Kristen Stewart).

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