Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review: Bellabox July

As I mentioned in a previous post, this box is spectacular!

Bellabox are another beauty sample company who send monthly goodies to excitable makeup hoarders like myself. Same price ($15/month) and concept as LHI but but this box blew me away! Here is what arrived on Friday:

Photo by Herr Ellinghaus
Starting from left to right...

1. You, Me & Everybody Shady Lady Daily Face Milk 75mL - RRP $9.99
Does having lactose intolerance mean I shouldn't use it on my face? It has an SPF of 20 so hopefully my skin won't curdle in the sunlight. Not many reviews on this so looking forward to trying it out.

2. Terax "Delicato Classic" Shampoo and "Crema Original" Conditioner (Samples)
Again, I've never heard of this brand but the Italian-sounding names make them seem exotic so I might have to make myself a negroni and give them a go.

3. Givenchy Pi Neo for men (Sample)
I would use Josh as a guinea pig but he doesn't wear cologne; he's more of a soap and Rexona kinda guy. Any volunteers?

4. Neutrogena "Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream" 14g - RRP $29.99
When I signed up to Bellabox they made me fill out a beauty profile. I don't remember mentioning wrinkles but maybe they looked at my age and thought I should make a pre-emptive strike? Looks good but I don't use any anti-wrinkle stuff yet.

5. Almay "Get Up and Grow" Mascara - RRP $19.95
Any mascara that amplifies my miniscule eyelashes is a winner for me. I used to work with a girl who had the longest, most lushous eyelashes I have EVER seen. I was so fraught with jealousy that I used to threaten to cut them off and stick them on MY eyes. She left the lab not long after, which I'm pretty sure was a complete coincidence.

6. Le Tan "Flawless Legs" in Deep Bronze 45g RRP ~$10.00
I've tried a few fake tans but I always end up looking orange. The colour looks a bit too dark for me but I might try and convince Josh to let me try it on him. He's a bit like the red-haired kid from Skit House who squeals every time he goes into the sun.

7. Carmex "Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm" 2g - RRP $8.99
I won't have to call home and ask someone to bring me my Chapstick because my lips hurt real bad EVER AGAIN. Lip balms are always handy.

8. Neutrogena "Deep Clean Gentle Scrub" 15mL (Sample)
Another good travel sized sample. Neutrogena aren't exactly the kind of brand I was hoping to get in these boxes but I will definitely use this.

9. Innoxa "Plush Velvet" Nail Polish (Sample?) - RRP 13.95
I think this is full size... but I can't tell because the bottle has this "fish bowl" effect. Regardless, the colour is purty and I like the shape of the bottle.

So, there you have it! According to the reviews I've read, this month's box was better than the usual ones. I was just was impressed by the sheer number of things and the 5 full size products. A steal at $15 :)

The Verdict: 5 out of 5 Ducks

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