Thursday, 13 September 2012

Today's Haul

Priceline are celebrating 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty during the month of September by sending a mobile beauty van around various east coast cities to give free makeovers, beauty tips and raise money for some very worthy causes (Heart Disease, Cervical Cancer, Alzheimer's). It doesn't hurt that they're also giving away goodie bags - all you have to do is drop a donation into the charity box.
Today's venue was Priceline, Bourke St (Melbourne City) so I thought I'd pop in to do some shopping and join in the fun. I watched a bit of a makeup demonstration and received a copy of Madison as well as a heavy bag full of beauty/haircare and makeup. Here's what was inside:

I only opened the bag when I got home and my first reaction was "WOW". Most of the items are generously sized samples but there are a few full sized ones, too. I was super happy with the Batiste Dry Shampoo because it was on my list of things to buy and I'm looking forward to trying the Nude Tinted Moisturiser.

After receiving so many skincare samples in the last month plus the ones in this bag I probably won't have to buy moisturiser for the next 2 years. I can't believe this is the first Priceline event I've ever attended- I will be going EVERY year from now on!

And just for good measure, I picked up a few more things while in-store:



  1. Great goodie bag! I picked up a similar one last year at an event but unfortunately was unable to make it to any this year as they're all during working

    Glad you had a lovely time and love how it's all for a good cause too!


    1. The store was really empty- seems like a lot of people were too busy! Luckily I'm still a student or I would have missed out, too :)

  2. Holy shit. This is what I get for being unemployed. Must sign up to get notifications of these event thingies.

    1. Just sign up to Priceline sisterhood. Every day this month they have a giveaway! :)