Friday, 14 September 2012

Hair: Yeah, Yeah!

I've lately formed a habit of plaiting my hair after I wash it. I wait until it's almost completely dry and form a plait starting as high up my head as possible. This is how my hair looks when I take it out the next day:

I just run my fingers through and voila! The waves do loosen up a bit during the day but since I started using Tigi Catwalk Styling Cream (before plaiting) they hold their shape a lot better. A spritz of hairspray means that it still looks wavy the next day :) I'm on the lookout for some good sea salt spray to see if it makes any difference. My hair is pretty straight- slightly wavy but mostly straight. Not bad for just a plait, eh?

I can't wait to try my triple barrel curler when it arrives! The top part of my head looks too straight but with the curling iron I'm hoping I can make it look more "natural".



  1. Why do my plaits never come out looking like that? My hair kinks up so bad. I've given up on the wavy/curly hair. I get natural cowlicks instead. So badly want a GHD straightener so I can try the wavy thing again. Had that done once and it's the *only* thing that gives me waves that last for ages.

    1. Honestly I have NO idea. I use cheap-arse shampoo and no conditioner. I find that conditioner weighs my hair down so it won't wave nicely. I can't ever get nice straight shiny hair, which is unfair because every other Asian person I know has perfect silky straight locks and mine goes fuzzy and weird!