Sunday, 2 September 2012

Review: MiEssence Nourishing Hand Cream

So... after receiving a truckload of samples in the mail it's probably time to start reviewing them (and others that have been sitting in my cabinet for months)...

Starting with a 3ml sample of Miessence Nourishing Hand Cream RRP $20.65 for 40g.

The Spiel: Our Nourish Hand Cream is an ultra-rich, nourish cream with natural antioxidants that help protect the hands from environmental stress. Organic shea butter and phospholipids keep the hand soft, supple and smooth with a subtle perfume of divine organic rose geranium essential oil to soothe the skin. 

I recently bought some adorable 3ml and 10ml cosmetic jars on eBay for the purpose of decanting samples from their sachets. I hate sachets- I realise they're more environmentally friendly than tiny tubes but I don't like throwing away excess moisturiser (they tend to dry up without an airtight lid).

Anyway, I used this hand cream over a few nights and was moderately happy with the results. The consistency is quite thick and absorbs into the skin very quickly. But because there is no oiliness to it I had to keep applying more and more- my hands were soaking it up and sort of drying out again. Of course, this makes it less economical :( My only other gripe is the scent. The website claims it has a "subtle perfume" but it was too strong and a bit unpleasant for me. Think: citrus and rose combined. Yuck.

The Verdict: 3 out of 5 Ducks

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