Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shopaholics Anonymous

I had a particularly good week selling stuff on eBay so of course I had to reward myself by going on an online shopping frenzy...

There's no point feeling guilty about it now so I shall revel in my purchases instead :) Here's what I bought this week:

The Natural Source Face Colour Crayons $19.99 (RRP $260). Bargain!

The Natural Source Mineral Body Mask $7.99 (RRP $28.95)

Otto Mode Rose Ponti Pants $14.99 (RRP $89)

Silver Bullet Triple Barrel Waver $26 (RRP $59.95)

 And here's some stuff I bought on a previous shopping spree that arrived in the post in the last week:

Face 2 Face Dress $15 (RRP $39.95)

Lee Riders Jeans $44.99 (RRP 99.95)

The Style Dress $32 (RRP $71)

Clarins Face and Body Essentials $26 (RRP $50-$90)

As you can see, it was 100% necessary to buy all of this stuff. I'm mostly excited about the colour crayons, which are 100% natural and can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and lip colour. The curling iron was on sale at just the right time- I was planning on buying one for double the price! I still have about 4 dresses sitting in my wardrobe unworn, but I'm sure I'll get around to trying them on in the next year or so. I never remove the tags off new clothing any more because inevitably they end up on eBay unworn.

I bought the Clarins set on eBay for a crazy price but the scent of the products make me feel a bit queasy... so onto eBay they go. I'm keeping the mini "Hello, hydration" cream, though. And the bag is a very nifty travel size. The Beauty Balm alone sells for $40 at Chemist Warehouse- I don't know how anyone can justify spending this much money on skincare?!

I have an engagement party in the first week of October so no doubt will have bought another 6 dresses by then. It's a house party (marquee) so what sort of outfit is appropriate? Obviously I won't be wearing a t-shirt and jeans but I always struggle with dress codes! A wig is essential, though. I'm thinking the MacGyver mullet will be the best one for such an auspicious occation :)

Lastly, I received a very special package all the way from Köln, Deuschland, from my BFF Ms. Hayley "Pumpernickel" Pickles :) There seems to be a bit of a subtle theme going on here:

Soap Dispenser Duck, Graduate Duck, Officer Duck, Rambo Lighter, Lipstick Pen, Duck Pen and Quacking Keyring Duck
There's no point in anyone getting me birthday present, now. This present will crap ALL OVER your present*!!! (Seriously, though, GIVE ME MORE PRESENTS).


*Excluding the present that Jethro already gave me. I don't think he reads this but I'm covering all my bases, just in case.


  1. Ooh, I've never seen those face crayons before... hmmmm...

    No. Self-imposed no-buy. Must not... But probably will.

    1. I think the sale on Brandsexclusive is over :( But The Natural Source website has them for $2 each. The nail polishes are $2 too! They might end up being completely crap but I can always use them for colouring in competitions :)