Thursday, 6 December 2012

I'm with Stupid --->



At the moment I am playing email ping-pong (or is it table tennis?) with an eBay customer who is upset that her parcel hasn't arrived yet.

Her initial message:
Hi I was wondering when you posted my item as I haven't received it yet ??? could you please attend to this matter Thanks

My response:


It was posted via Australia Post Click and Send on the 28th November. You should have been sent a tracking email by Australia Post (it shows up when you look at your eBay purchase history). The tracking number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I just had a look to see where it was but it doesn't show its current location. Unfortunately it is now in the hands of Australia Post. I have noticed that in the past few weeks postage has been slow (I can only assume it is the Christmas rush). Today would be the 6th Business day since posting so hopefully it will arrive in the next day or so.

Kind regards,

Her follow up:

Hi it doesn't tell me where it is just to contact the seller..Thanks

WTF. What is "it" she refers to? Is it the tracking number that was both emailed to her by AusPost (over a week ago) and sent again within my reply? Is it the fucking parcel that is no longer my problem, given that I have proof of dispatch?


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  1. Main reason I don't do any selling in the last couple months of the year. This person sounds like a prize tosspot.