Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things...

(at the moment, anyway)

1. Daniel Craig as James Bond. I went and saw Skyfall last night and just loved it. Special shoutout to Javier Bardem who basically stole the show with his camp/creepy portrayel of Silva. I had my doubts when I saw the awful dye-job/wig they made him wear but it just suited his character so well! The reboot of the James Bond franchise only worked because of the fragility and rawness that Daniel Craig brought to the movies. I am really going to miss him :( I wonder who will be the next Bond? PLEASE be Idris Elba!!

2. The Broken Bells. A "supergroup" led by James Mercer (The Shins) and Danger Mouse. I love The Shins but their recent stuff has been pretty hit and miss. The Broken Bells are a nice injection of indie-pop to an industry oversaturated with tween dance-crap.

3. NYX Round Lipsticks. I mentioned these in my Save the Rabbits! post as a reason to get on board the cruelty-free beauty bandwagon. NYX make hella cheap cosmetics and these round lipsticks are SO pigmented! I have only two shades at the moment (Fig and Rose) but for $2.99 a pop you won't have to sell a kidney to collect the whole set. I just placed a big order with Cherry Culture, an online US site that sells NYX, Jordana and MILANI, and paid $30 for sixteen items and $20 shipping. The shipping is by weight but even if you add the fraction of shipping on to each item it is still WAY cheaper than buying from overtaxed/overpriced Aussie sites. Cherry Culture frequently has sales, too :)



  1. Oh man... why did you have to go mention that Cherry site? I HAVE NO JOB! *sigh*

    1. Oh no... I don't have a real job either! BUT I JUST CAN'T STOP!!!